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How to[]

To be able to exorcise a creature, you need to use an Exorcism Book.

You then need to trap the creature in a pentagram, and read the 4 passages in the book ending with Amen.

At that final word, the creature will go up in flames and be banished/killed.

Notice - Some creatures require you to exorcise them in a specific location.

Start Exorcising[]

  1. Gather evidence and make sure the creature can be banished by exorcism.
  2. Trap the creature in a pentagram (if possible). Specific location creatures
  3. Read the Exorcism Book lines. You can use the microphone or a quick wheel holding the key input (see your settings).

Creatures That Require an Exorcism[]

List of creatures[]

Some requires you to do it in a specific location:[]

Baba Babayaga - Exorcise her in the Forest
Nun Nun - Exorcise her in the Church.

Can also be exorcised in a pentagram.